Tuesday, February 5, 2008


My friend Georgiana has long espoused the benefits of yoga. She's compared the feeling after a good yoga session to the feeling one gets after a good 'roll in the hay,' so to speak. If only there was cuddling after yoga...

I had my first yoga class tonight, it was wonderful. My teacher is not at all intimidating, and it feels like she's talking to you directly during the class. I had very little trouble thinking about my breathing, my body, and just tuning in to myself. I almost cried twice with gratitude that I'd finally made it to yoga. After class I proceeded to wander dreamily through the market in my yoga pants, ski parka, and winter boots. I slung a basket over my arm and bought all kinds of healthy things, feeling rather good about myself.

Life is wonderful.

Three good things....hmmm, there's not a bad thing in here! Still:
1. Yoga is just as fulfilling as I'd hoped.
2. I am much stronger than I expected: mentally, physically, and spiritually.
3. Unrelated, but still good: my new glasses make it much nicer to drive, especially at night.


Georgiana said...

Juliette, I don't think I ever said "better than sex." I think it had been almost a year since I actually had sex when I made the comparison, and the analogy was that it makes you feel warm and tingly and totally relaxed, and so in that sense, has some of the same benefits. Plus, my favorite teacher . . .

Juliette said...

Apologies, I thought I heard that once...perhaps I was overexcited and looking forward to yoga in the midst of my own dry spell. I updated the post to more accurately reflect your sentiment :)