Thursday, February 14, 2008

Single on Valentin'es Day

Most of the time, this would be a depressing post...who wants to be single on the "most romantic day of the year?" However, I find that I'm ok without romance today. Perhaps it stems from the general feeling of satisfaction with my current status. I don't feel compelled to make any great rushes or leaps of romantic gallantry. I'd rather contine putting one foot in front of the other with care and thoughtfullness, being appreciative of the present moment instead of chasing a future dream-scape. I've cultivated a lot of joy in my life and that bouy's me. Of course, I miss the closeness and the thrill of romance, but I'm content to wait for it to arrive at the right time.

As for my plans on this day of romantic days: I dressed up today, I wore a sparkly new belt that my good friend Meredith gave me. Later, after the workday has ended, I'm going to hit the shops with Jo; we're each looking for a fun new accessory. Later, we'll go see an artsy movie with our mutual friend Daniel, who is also single today. We may or may not head to a local pub for dinner and drinks after the movie.

Is this what they call "living in the moment?"

Three good things:
1. I will be with fun people tonight so there's little chance of my mood taking a turn for the worse.
2. Can anyone say shopping?
3. I'm happy!

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