Monday, February 4, 2008

Super Tuesday and other news

Tomorrow is Super Tuesday; truly a wonderful and exciting day for us political wonks. I will have to resist the urge to check CNN every ten minutes. Clinton or Obama, Obama or Clinton...who the heck is Edwards going to come out for? Is he going to wait until after tomorrow and see where the chips fall? He has to have a better plan than that! I admit, I don't have strong feelings for the Republican race, I think McCain has it sewn up reasonably well.

Tomorrow is also my first yoga class. I'm really excited to begin yoga, it's something I've wanted to do for over a year. A car accident delayed my start-date, but it's finally here and I am looking forward to it immensely.

*Rant* I had a long weekend of discourse on systems thinking. I was frustrated by the poor behavior displayed by some of the people in the discussion. One person was literally poking their neighbor in the nose and giggling, and "passing notes" via laptop all day - this was not a kindergarten classroom. I had to try very hard to absorb the discussion because I was so mad that somebody would be that disrespectful. (do you see that I have a strong sense of injustice?) If you have something more important going on than being in class, then get up and freakin' leave!!!!!! I've done that, many times, and haven't suffered for it. Walking the line between "policing" the classroom and "tattling" on the person, I sent a message directly to them, asking if they were ok, that I'd notice they seemed really out of it during the discussion and it had been distracting. I hope they realize they were distracting more than their neighbor with their conduct. And, you know, that way if something was up that was legitimately distracting them, then I'm not being a total jerk about it while still making my point that it was really distracting. *Rant Over*

Three Good Things:
1. Yoga could eventually lead to my not being so upset by disrespectful behavior...all that inner peace.
2. I feel good that I didn't sit back and do nothing about the bad behavior.
3. I'm getting plenty of practice dealing with people who really annoy me.

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