Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Nice People Do Exist

Desperate for my daily mocha, I was waiting to turn left across two lanes of traffic in to my coffe stand. As the truck behind me inched closer, impatient to be on his way but not willing to cut out around me, I watched the stream of cars coming towards me for a break. Finally, I spotted an opening my zippy little Subaru could make it through. Then the person last in the line of cars coming towards me slowed down...a lot...and he put on his blinker to turn in to my coffee stand. Damn, I was going to have to wait for another break and maybe even go around the block to avoid stalling traffic.

Suddenly, the car signaling to turn in to the coffe stand stopped and the middle-aged gentleman behind the wheel, perhaps sensing my distress, waved me in to the coffee stand ahead of him! I left $5.00 behind to buy his coffee for the day. It's nice to run across the nice people in the world :o)

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SadieMBeagle said...

Nice people do indeed exist. They do things like buy coffee for the person in line behind them! :)