Friday, July 25, 2008

Mojo at work

I have a friend, I think of her as MOJO. She's my sexy Latina friend, you know, the kind who always has guys getting whiplash from tracking her as she walks down the sidewalk. She asked to borrow a pair of my sexy shoes to go take a dance class. Since I was leaving to visit Paulo before she finished working, I left said shoes out on my stoop for her. Later in the day, MOJO was worried about getting home on time to meet a friend and asked if I would mind if she left my shoes outside for the weekend. I told her "heck no! Thou shalt not leave my sexy dancing shoes on the front stoop all weekend. Take the extra five minutes and go pick them up, pretty please?" Being the good friend that she is, that is exactly what she did. What followed was, I feel, highly fortuitous.

As she shimmied (MOJO walks with a certain sultry shimmy, not the seventies disco kind of shimmy) across the parking lot towards my door a very attractive man stopped her to ask if she enjoyed living in the complex because he was moving in to the area from out of state. Admitting that she did not, in fact, live at said location, she did offer up that her friend (me) very much enjoyed the place. Being a realtor, she of course asked him if he was interested in buying. He said he might be, and gave her his card. His name is, no kidding, Mr. Fine. And, by all accounts, he is very fine indeed. Apparently they have been communicating for a few days and are meeting up for drinks in the near future.

I feel like some sort of love connection fairy. Bow to the power of sexy dancing shoes!

Three good things:
1. MOJO has had it reaffirmed that she's a hot commodity.

2. My shoes are safe and sound.

3. The name Mr. Fine just makes me grin...I can totally fantasize about my dear friend being "Mrs. MOJO Fine" someday.

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