Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Hello to my new car!

Well, as indicated in the previous post, I have a new car. I did my homework and feel good about my decision to stick with a safe and reliable Subaru. Paulo came with me and was a haggler extraordinaire at the dealership. He even said afterwards that he had fun playing hardball. It was also nice to have Paulo's extensive negotiating experience backing me up. I'm certainly not as comfortable as he is with the general process of negotiation prices.
We knew the rock bottom price for this model at a competing dealership, and also had the information on the actual invoice price for both the vehicle and the options. After sending the sales man to 'the man behind the curtain' at least 6 times in 90 minutes we were at an acceptable bargain. The price was $120.00 over what the competition offered, but this car had better options, and it was also the color I wanted (I am a girl, after all).
Since I was pre-approved for a loan the paperwork at the financial office was relatively easy. They did change the term length of my loan at the dealership, which was perfect. I also got the maintenance package and GAP insurance rolled in to my loan because I was getting such a great rate. However, when I went in to my financial institution I discovered that the dealership had already pushed through a loan at more than double the proper interest rate by some "mistake." So, that got removed right quick. Then I discovered that the rate I was promised by the dealer wasn't available at the term length the dealer offered, and that the dealer was telling the bank, "I swear, she signed for a shorter term, it's right here." Well, the financial person at the dealer was lying through her teeth, or was too lazy to pull out the paperwork, because Paulo faxed me a copy of the paperwork I signed and, right there in clear type-face, was the longer loan term at the lower interest rate. Now I have the bank trying to push through those terms on an exception, since it's technically not an "available" loan. How that is possibly my fault, I fail to comprehend. My next idea is that the dealer should eat the cost of the additional interest they failed to advise me of if the bank makes me take the higher rate. Did they think I was just going to lie down and take this with a spoon full of sugar? Seriously?
Three good things:
1. I was so pissed yesterday that I deep cleaned my kitchen...a much needed proceedure.
2. I get to use my most intimidating "do the right thing and give me what I'm asking for" voice, look, and possibly correspondence.
3. I love my new car - it smells new and is all shiny and so quiet you can hardly tell it's on at a stoplight.


SadieMBeagle said...

Hell no! That dealer is being dishonest, that's how they make their money! Don't back down...no matter what they say. You're not a girl in this situation, you're a businessperson! Good job so far, you and Paulo just stick to it till the end.

Maia said...

ooooh. I like!

Anonymous said...

You need to report this dealer. What they did is an unfair business practice.

Juliette said...

I certainly will be filing reports with any and all regulatory agencies...if they don't fix the problem. In all other ways they've been all right, so I'm willing to give them the chance to do the right thing.