Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Mystery Weekend

In two days, I am being whisked away for a mystery weekend by the fabulous Paulo. Soon after our first full weekend together, he informed me that I should have a bag packed and be ready to hop in his car at 5:00 pm this Thursday. All I was told to bring was a nice dress and a swimsuit.

Since then, I've had the chance to model my 'nice dresses' for him and he picked one out for me to bring - it's not just a nice cocktail dress either. Of all the pretty things in my closet, he picked my formal gown for our dinner reservation. It's black mesh on the top, embroidered with vines and flowers in strategic locations, and the skirt is a slinky black velevet tulip. To accomodate this unexpected outing of my formal-wear, I made an emergency shoe shopping excursion last night with my friend Bonnie to pick up a pair of sexy black heels.

At home again, I began packing for my mystery adventure...5 pairs of shoes and 7 outfits later I decided I needed to haul out my big, international suitcase from it's hibernation cave under the bed. Now, I'm usually a light packer, but I usually know what I need to pack for. All of this ambiguity is making it difficult to pare down my packing list. I did, however, get another clue about mystery weekend when I mentioned I was packing. Paulo had to tell me that my toiletries should go in the big suitcase, otherwise Homeland Security might take them away for not being in 1 oz bottles stowed in a ziploc bag...We're leaving on a jet plane!!!!

Three Good Things:
1) I love good surprises.
2) Getting some quality time with Paulo, where we can sleep in and relax, will be lovely.
3) My new heels are 4" tall - I love being able to wear high heels and still not be as tall as Paulo...now that is sexy.