Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Quotable Quotes

A line from a recent email Paulo wrote to me:

"For people still in square 1, square 2 is an intimidating and "weirdo" place. But I'm sad to say, beautiful, you *are* a weirdo. How do I know? I did the math. :-) It turns out, we're both weirdos, but that's what makes it even better. "

I'd been filling him in on how weird it was to not be the first one to suggest doing things like take a weekend trip together, or meet close friends and family (i.e. moving from square one to two). He's invited me to visit his family with him in a few months, soon after his first nephew is due...I'm SO not used to being the one doing the agreeing instead of the asking. It's pleasantly unbalancing.

Three good things:
1) I'm getting what I asked for in a man - whod've thunk it?
2) Paulo's mom sounds like a really nice lady - I adore men who say nice things about their moms
3) I'm totally going to get my share of special weekends and time-off of work this summer, and hopefully past this summer as well

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