Tuesday, June 17, 2008

In Recovery from Mystery Weekend

My mystery weekend was faaaaantastic! I'm still recovering my energy from a whirlwind tour of....


That's right, I guessed correctly. Paulo did everything he could to misdirect my intuition - up to and including getting my mom in on the deal. He gave her creative license to try and convince me it was going to be somewhere other than Vegas, and boy-o did she ever do a good job!

Paulo had previously inquired as to whether I had a passport, which I do. The night before our trip I went to retrieve it from the drawer where it always lives and IT WASN'T THERE! Paulo arrived in the midst of my frenzy and said that it would probably be ok if I didn't bring it. That morning, however, I received an email from my mom teasing that she knew where I was going and, "had I packed my passport?" I freaked out. I had visions of reaching the security gates at the airport or a border crossing and not being able to get through, thereby totally destroying all of Paulo's careful planning for our weekend. Not only was my passport missing, I didn't have a copy of my birth certificate so I couldn't even get in to Canada or partway in to Mexico. I drove to the local health department and got a copy of it, and then went home from work early to resume the search for my missing passport. Several upended bags of papers later I found it, stuck to another folder.

Assured that I was prepared for anything, I gave Paulo a relieved hug and kiss. We set off on our adventure. He took back roads to the airport (but I'm more familiar than he knew with the airport area, so I had a big grin on his face when we left the interstate). He checked both of our bags while I plugged my ears and looked the other way. I deliberately didn't glance at my boarding pass as I went through the security checkpoint. Then we had a nice dinner with several glasses of wine in the airport.

At the appointed time, we strolled out towards the gates. Cruising along, we reached the end of a terminal, which was empty but for one gate slightly behind us. Paulo turned us around saying, "Well, looks like the only flight around here is leaving for Las Vegas. Do you want to go to Vegas babe?"

He's the most amazing man I've ever met.

I'll post further details of our trip soon, but I have to mention one special little detail. He did, indeed, tell my mom where we were going the day before the trip. His message to her was a full itinerary of our trip, complete with both his and the hotel's phone numbers so my parents could reach us if I turned my phone off. How does he know to do those special little things that I don't even know to ask for? Ah well, I do the same thing to him regularly.


Maia said...

That just gave me goosebumps. How exciting and romantic! You are an excellent descriptive writer by the way.

Georgiana said...

I'm so glad he sent your mom the itinerary! Paranoid people like me want to know these things in order to ensure he's not just a very very extremely clever psychopathic killer.