Saturday, January 26, 2008

How Appropriate - A Tarot Card

"The Temperance card reversed suggests that extreme emotions could flare up as patience is pushed to the limit, which means built-up frustrations finally seek their release."

As out-there (or woo-woo, as my naturopath once said) as it is, I do subscribe to a daily horoscope and tarot card reading. They're typically entertaining. However, I find it slightly disturbing when one is accurate. The tarot card above was the "tarot of the day" for my latest breakup. I wasn't the one over-reacting, well, not that day (and, for any male who happens to read this, I had APOLOGIZED for over-reacting a few days earlier and wasn't continuing the over-reaction on said break-up day). What really raises the hairs on the back of my neck a bit is that this was the third highly accurate reading that week.

Should I begin to pay more attention to these things, or is this just a series of coincidences?

Good things:
1. Mysticism is interesting to me, so my brain is occupied.
2. This is distracting me from a research paper (wait, does that count as a good thing?)
3. I feel further vindicated in my feelings about the breakup (more on that later)

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