Friday, August 8, 2008

Pajama Day

It's my last day of work and I could swear I'm in the twilight zone.

My boss came to work in light blue pj's with yellow stars on them. I'm surprised she opted for sandals over slippers. She proceeded to act as if she was a recently awoken hibernating bear for the three hours she was in the office. She also held a meeting with the quality control contractor we just hired. Why she didn't tell me it was pajama day!? I wanna wear pajamas to work!! (yes, I'm rolling my eyes)

My afternoon wrapped up with a cute little old lady telling me via telephone that "you'll go to hell before I will if you're lying to me." It was the errily cheery tone of her statement that made it impossible for me to contain the belly laugh.

Then I almost made my really cool co-worker, Isabell, snort Diet Pepsi out of her nose when I asked her if she'd also thought our boss was wearing pajamas to work...she did, and she'd been trying all morning not to laugh so by the time I mentioned it, she had a big pent-up laugh in her.

Three good thing:
1. After today, I officially don't work for the twilight zone office anymore.
2. Though strange, both the pj's and hell comment were highly entertaining.
3. I really won't feel bad about saying no if they ask me to help out more than I've already agreed to for the next week.

Now, the sun is out and I'm heading to the beach with Paulo.

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