Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Sick at/of Work

I'm sick today, and I was sick yesterday. Yet, I'm still at work :/
I feel like I should at least be putting in an appearance, so that when any potential reference checks happen the most recent thing in my bosses mind isn't how much I've been gone lately.
Oh, and I put together a training wish list last night in preparation for my, supposedly, imminent performance evaluation. Most of the training revolves around preparation for leadership roles in several projects that all government agencies of my type must do, but that we haven't been doing much on in my office. I'd like to do these projects, and if I don't do them here I'd like to be prepared to do them elsewhere. Besides, then I have "direction and motivation" checked off for my performance review. suh-weet!

Oh, and I just passed by the door to my bosses office. She's taking a nap on her couch, second one of the day. It doesn't motivate me to stay here, either today or in the long term.

I just hope I get over this flu (which makes eating a no-can-do) so I can eat the cute little brussel sprouts I bought at the farmer's market on Sunday. They're no bigger than my thumbnail!

Three good things:
1. At least from my end I'm prepared to have a strong performance review.
2. I am working on convincing myself that I don't/won't miss Charles, even though I do.
3. It's likely I'll lose a few pounds by being all sick and not eating. Hooray for the "I'm sick" diet.

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